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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Back to School 2014

Hi Parents 

Welcome to another school year! 
You have most likely received a flyer and envelope from your child’s PreSchool Program and may have some questions regarding your child’s portrait day. 

How should I dress my child for portrait day? 

All care is taken in selecting the background for your child’s portrait. There are photos of the backgrounds as you scroll down in this blog. The portraits are taken in color. Most colors look great with the backgrounds chosen. The emphasis is on your child and your child’s smiley face so stay away from bold large patterns that will detract attention from your child’s face. Denim and solid bright colors always look great! Photos are in color and show your child from the waist up and tend to be head and shoulders so shoes are not seen in solo shots, but some children sit on the floor in the class photos. 

Will my child’s hair be combed?

If your child has fly-aways or messy play hair, yes, all efforts will be made to spruce your child up for the photo. YOU CAN REQUEST NOT TO HAVE YOUR CHILD’S HAIR TOUCHED UP! Combs are brought to each shoot. All combs are discarded after your child’s hair is combed – THE COMB IS NOT REUSED! Some children have natural tousled curly hair- the type of hair we all want to have - and do not need to have their hair combed at all. Sometimes unscented baby wipes are used to tone down fly aways- Again we all want your child’s photo to be great so all efforts are made to have your child look as cute as possible. 

What if my child cries? 

A child is never forced to have a photo taken. Every effort is made to have your child feel comfortable and have a fun time. Sometimes it is a question of having a child watch their friends smile before they sit- sometimes siblings are called in – sometimes the child comes back to sit after having a snack. We all want your child to have fun and have a beautiful portrait. If there is a problem, the parent is contacted. 

Do I have to be there when my child sits for a photo? 

No! Parents are sometimes asked not to be in the space where the photo is being taken because it upsets the other children whose parents are not there. Remember it’s just like another school day for most of the children and photo day is another activity like music or gym. All efforts are made to make this fun. If your child is nervous or upset I suggest having your child come early, if at all possible, so that he/she can relax with the other classmates. Speak to your child’s teacher about any concerns or contact me at (609) 932 6828. 

Can I order more than one photo package? 

Yes! The second class photo is great for grandparents.  Reorder prints are more expensive.  If you need a lot of prints for the holidays, order more than one photo package.

Will I be able to order more photos if my child’s photo turns out well? 

Yes! Photos will be posted online. You will be given a password to a site which will allow you to go and see your child's school photos. You will be to reorder prints and fun novelty items. I've recently heard from a grandparent who purchased a photo puzzle of her child- she was so thrilled because her grandchildren are having fun building the picture and it's something that she can do with them :) The kid's also get a kick out of seeing themselves on a cup. Lot's of fun!

What type of camera do you shoot with? Are you shooting digital? 

I take photographs with a digital nikon D700 and nikon D300 plus top quality digital portrait lenses that add crispness to every portrait. All equipment is of top high end professional quality. Professional lighting is set up to create a mini studio at your child's preschool. 

I hope this has helped with any concerns or questions you may have. I work closely with the schools that I am shooting and we all want your child to have a great photo! You can contact me at (609) 932 6828 if you have any other questions. 

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

So What Happens at the Studio When School is Out? Christine Foster Photo

The Season ends with Graduation 

There's Summer Camp

There are Baseball Tournaments

Family Portraits

Have A Great Summer! 

Friday, November 8, 2013

Thank You

This morning, top of the morning, I received the best phone call ever!  A parent phoned me to thank me - She loved the photo that I took of her 3 Year old Son - My day is made!  She was so surprised that he smiled... It was so kind of her to phone me and thank me, it really has made my morning.....
As we got chatting, she mentioned how she wanted to go online and purchase something extra special just for her - I told her as I want to tell you all, if you have something in mind and don't see it online please contact me directly - 
I make custom products for my clients all of the time!
Also, She mentioned that she has these photos taken every year as a keepsake for herself and her children- She mentioned that people/ her family are more into digital emailed photos  so she doesn't really do much with the photo package... WOW!!!  
Just a suggestion! Rather than putting discarded printed photos in a drawer- make a project out them! Throw the printed pics in a card and snail -mail them to friends and family- I have never heard of anyone throwing out a child's photo before!?  Surprise someone with snail mail- whens the last time you received a card?  One of my school programs uses the printed image to make a surprise art project for family members during the holiday season!  
Enjoy Enjoy!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Back to School 2013

Welcome! :)
 You have probably just received your child's envelope and information for PreSchool photos and want to know more.  I have been taking PreSchool photos since 1993 and I look very forward to this time of year.  If you scroll down thru this blog there is information about how Preschool photo day runs and how to dress your child - to learn more information about my studio hit the Christine Foster Photo tab above.
Thanks so much for viewing this page.

New Studio Digs 2012

Christine Foster Photo has moved! I have moved into the 
To Celebrate, Contact the studio for a special photo sitting - Be sure to mention this blog-
Otherwise I look forward to seeing smiley faces at your Preschool.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

It's a New School Year!!

Bravo! You have actually taken the time to read this Blog! I totally appreciate you visiting my School Blog.  
As a reward, Mark the reverse of your child's envelope with three large stars and you will receive a special thank you in your child's photo package (yeah, it's free photos!!) Just draw three large stars! You can even have your kids color them in if you like. Happy Happy day :)

Back to School

Time to get back to school - a new year- a new photo 
I have always hesitated in photographing the school backgrounds because sometimes the lighting can make them look just a little richer especially the blue- But I've gone ahead and done it to give you a general idea of what is to come -
Winter Scene

Blue Sky with Clouds

Schools select the background each year for your child-
 The backgrounds really do look good with most colors and are chosen to complement your child. 
If you are not sure how to dress your child, I'd stick to the basics- soft colors, soft fabrics- Stay away from loud patterns that will take the emphasis away from your child's face
If you are taking advantage of the 8 wallet special and having your child's name or year added to the image, avoid patterns- patterns will compete with the writing- keep it simple! 
Some tips for 2011- If you need a lot of photos for the holidays, consider ordering more than one photo package. Grandparents love the second class photo and frankly speaking, reorder photos are more costly than photo packages. 
I am looking for another great year of smiles
Be sure to contact the studio if you have any question - 609.932 6828