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Friday, November 8, 2013

Thank You

This morning, top of the morning, I received the best phone call ever!  A parent phoned me to thank me - She loved the photo that I took of her 3 Year old Son - My day is made!  She was so surprised that he smiled... It was so kind of her to phone me and thank me, it really has made my morning.....
As we got chatting, she mentioned how she wanted to go online and purchase something extra special just for her - I told her as I want to tell you all, if you have something in mind and don't see it online please contact me directly - 
I make custom products for my clients all of the time!
Also, She mentioned that she has these photos taken every year as a keepsake for herself and her children- She mentioned that people/ her family are more into digital emailed photos  so she doesn't really do much with the photo package... WOW!!!  
Just a suggestion! Rather than putting discarded printed photos in a drawer- make a project out them! Throw the printed pics in a card and snail -mail them to friends and family- I have never heard of anyone throwing out a child's photo before!?  Surprise someone with snail mail- whens the last time you received a card?  One of my school programs uses the printed image to make a surprise art project for family members during the holiday season!  
Enjoy Enjoy!