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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Special Add-Ons

PHOTO RETOUCHING - Finally Right! :)
Children have a way of scratching their face or falling on their nose the night right before photos - Have your child's scratches or marks removed from the photo! The fee is only $5.00 for a basic retouch to remove marks, acne, bruises- Sometimes the marks may be more apparent to you than me, so feel free to write on the reverse of the envelope where or what the mark is that you want removed..... Basic retouching is for removing a blemish that is smaller than the size of a quarter- If you have a larger issue, feel free to phone the studio to discuss...  
Retouching is only applied to the individual portrait NOT the class photo.

This is a Fun new add - on.   Have 8- extra wallets for only $8.00 - this can only be purchased with a A, B, or C photo package.  Have your child's name or nickname and the year applied to the photo in the lower right corner ....  Be sure to print clearly the personalization that you want added on your envelope - If you order these wallets and leave the personalization line blank, the year will be written on the wallet. If you want these wallets in Black in White- Write BxW near your order.

Grey Background, Photo taken in Studio